Many mistakenly believe that mom is carrying octuplets because of her large baby bump

Pregnant women’s bellies are the most beautiful bellies of all. Many expecting parents photograph their growing bellies in order to remember the time when they were expecting their child. But when Renae W decided to share her pregnancy story on TikTok, she was met with skepticism from a doctor who started questioning her. In the end, however, Renae silenced everyone when it came time to give birth…

All mothers have witnessed the incredible, and sometimes frightening, feeling you get when you feel your baby moving in your belly. Pregnancy is different for every woman. Some people feel terrible for a long time because they feel nauseous and can’t keep even a meal down. Others are more active and productive than ever.

When American mom Renae W got pregnant for the sixth time, she was super active and started posting photos of her baby bump on social media site TikTok. Renae initially shared videos about her rehabilitation and recovery from addiction. But after she got pregnant, she started focusing on other things.

One of the reasons she garnered so much attention and soon garnered tons of followers was her giant baby bump. The first videos she posted were not that popular, but as time went on, she continued to grow and reached millions of views. Many were convinced that she was expecting multiple twins, and some people even claimed that she was expecting eight. For her part, Renae was sure she was only expecting one. “Yes, it is only one. I’m sure of it,” she said in one of her videos.

The woman didn’t reveal any medical reasons why she had such a big belly, which sparked even more gossip. But as Renae stated, despite people’s comments and doctors’ thoughts, everything was normal. “I had an ultrasound recently; the fluids are normal and the baby is fine,” she said.

Still, some people couldn’t help but comment: they had to criticize her. A doctor, who everyone says should be supportive, expressed her concern. Plus, he was also quite shocked once he saw the photos of her baby bump. He told her she should be concerned.”

Renae, who miscarried before becoming pregnant again, felt she had to respond to that particular comment. In her opinion, it was too much for a doctor to send her a comment saying that her belly was too big, despite the fact that she and her baby were fine. “As a doctor, he should be ashamed of what he told me, especially since I’m not his patient,” she wrote.

According to Renae, her short stature made her belly look bigger than it was. One of her sons, born a few years ago, weighed 4 kilograms at birth. But despite this, her followers found it hard to believe that there was only one child inside that giant belly. One wrote: “I swear there are at least quadruplets in there.” And another: “There’s an adult in there.” Another user joked, “He’ll be thirty by the time he’s born.”

During her pregnancy, Renae gained 18 kg. And her fans have seen her baby bump grow in stages. When she uploaded a video, she was 37 weeks pregnant, and she had an impressive 37 million views. But luckily, some people stood up for her. “Every woman waits differently. Every pregnancy is different. Every pregnancy is unique,” she wrote to a woman. Another added: “I can’t believe someone even said you don’t know anything about your pregnancy.”

On February 18, the time has come to silence all those who did not believe that she was expecting only one child. Renae delivered her very large baby by scheduled C-section. The newborn weighed more than 4 kg and was very long. According to Renae, the boy inherited his father’s very large head, but most importantly, he was healthy. “When your child is born with his arm outstretched, Superman style!” she wrote in February. “I said so: he’s only one child, and he’s fine.”

Although the size of her belly caused her some problems in her life, once the baby was born, Renae missed her bump. She said she found it strange not to have it anymore. After the birth, her followers were also curious. Eleven weeks after the C-section, Renae responded to the criticisms she received. “Five days after the cesarean. I lost the baby’s 4 kg plus another 4.5 kg,” she said.

“I don’t understand why people don’t understand that every pregnancy is different. I’m short, and my belly was all the way up the front. They told me I had ruined my body and that I would have horrible stretch marks afterwards. But the truth is, I don’t care because my body gave me five wonderful children and a little angel. I love my body and the amazing things it has done.”


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