These Adorable Twin Baby Names Are Double the Fun


Naming one child is hard enough, but when you find out you’re having twins, it can be almost impossible to decide on two names you like. If you’re looking for baby names for two boys, two girls, a boy and a girl, or want to keep your baby names gender-neutral, turn to the list below can provide some inspiration for you.

Abigail and Andrew:

These two pairs of baby names for twins both start with the same letter and are utterly classic. Abigail means “the father’s joy” and Andrew means “strong” or “courageous.” Both names can also be shortened with a “y” at the end to Abby and Andy if you (or your kids later on) prefer.

Hope and Faith:

Baby names like Hope and Faith mean exactly what they say. These virtuous names are so pure and just sound extremely elegant together. Grace could also be considered as an alternative baby name to either Hope or Faith for twins.

Isaac and Isaiah:

Both of these biblical names are strong, masculine choices that sound beautiful when paired together. Both names start with the letter “i” and are of Hebrew origin. Isaac means “laughter” and Isaiah means “salvation of the Lord.”

Jade and Ruby:

Both of these twin baby names are inspired by gemstones, are short, sweet, and sound adorable together. Plus, many twin parents use colors to tell their identical babies apart during the newborn stage. Jade and Ruby have colors built right into their names.

Sam and Max:

At first glance, these two short and sweet baby names may seem gendered, but they’re actually the perfect pair of unisex baby names for twins. While both names can absolutely stand alone, Sam can be short for Samantha or Samuel, and Max can be short for Maxwell or Maxine.

Clara and Cora:

Clara and Cora are twin baby names that are just old-fashioned enough to have that adorable grandma vibe but are still unique and trendy enough for babies who’ll grow up in modern times. Clara means “bright, clear” and Cora means “maiden.”

Willow and Forrest:

If you’re looking for twin baby names inspired by nature, Willow and Forrest is one pair to consider. There’s no denying the earthy, flowery vibes that the name Willow gives off, while Forrest has a stately air but is still firmly rooted in nature.

Brady and Charlie:

This pair of twin baby names just sounds classic and cute. Charlie is short for Charles, which means “free man,” and Brady means “free-spirited,” so both names are rooted in meanings that give off a sense of freedom.

Benjamin and Liam:

Two stately twin baby names that pair rather well together are Benjamin and Liam. The Irish version of the baby name William, Liam means “resolute protection.” Benjamin is a Hebrew baby name that means “son of the right hand.”

Zoe and Chloe:

If you’re looking for a pair of rhyming names for twin girls, look no further than Zoe and Chloe. Cute, fun, and zippy, both names are of Greek origin. Zoe means “life” and Chloe means “young, green shoot,” which makes us think of a beautiful, blossoming plant sprouting out of the earth.


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