A Mom Against 10-Million-to-One Odds Welcomes Identical Twin Girls

Against incredible odds of 10 million to one, a mother from Colorado has joyfully welcomed another set of rare identical twin girls. Casey Saunders, 27, initially thought the doctor was joking when she learned that, as a mother of twin boys, she was expecting yet another set of twins, an occurrence with odds of only one in 70,000.

Casey Saunders, a 27-year-old mother residing in Colorado, was utterly astonished when an ultrasound revealed that she was pregnant with another set of identical twins. Life, it seems, is full of unexpected surprises. Those familiar with Casey Saunders are aware of the abundance of twins in her life. She has twin calves on her ranch, as well as twin children within her home. Her 9-year-old boys are identical twins, a rarity that arises in approximately one out of every 250 births. However, Casey’s family includes yet another set of twins. Her 4-month-old girls are known as Monoamniotic Monochorionic or MoMo twins, an exceptionally rare occurrence, accounting for less than 1 percent of twin pregnancies. MoMo twins share both a placenta and an amniotic sac, making the pregnancy high-risk. These twin fetuses are connected to the placenta through their umbilical cords and rest within the same sac, putting them at risk of cord entanglement or compression.

After spending the final two months of her pregnancy in the hospital, where doctors carefully monitored the twins, Casey and her partner, Eugene Goree, joyfully welcomed their baby girls, Maya and Laia, on December 1. Now, four months later, Casey has shared her remarkable story. Casey, who works as an optometric technician, had her boys, Hayden and Cameron, when she was only 17 years old. Nine years later, she discovered that she and Eugene were expecting again. When she went for her first ultrasound, she excitedly brought her boys along. Reflecting on the experience, she recalls, “On the way to the ultrasound, they were arguing over who would get to hold ‘the baby’ first. I thought the sonographer was teasing me because she knew I had my twin boys with me. The technician looked at the monitor and said, ‘You should buy a Powerball ticket when you’re done here.’ I was shocked. I called Eugene and said, ‘You won’t believe this.’ He was surprised but thrilled right from the start.”

Due to the high-risk nature of her pregnancy, Casey was hospitalized during the final two months to ensure close monitoring of the babies for any potential complications. Recounting her experience, she shares, “Each ultrasound was nerve-wracking as we didn’t know if cord entanglement had occurred. But week after week, they were still there, growing.” During her hospital stay, she passed the time knitting and recording her thoughts in a journal intended for her baby girls. She connected with her sons through FaceTime, as they could only visit on weekends. Casey spent 60 days in the hospital, and the girls were delivered at 32 weeks, going home four weeks later. The boys have been incredibly gentle with their sisters and eagerly lend a helping hand, except when it comes to diaper duty. Casey and Eugene are overjoyed to have everyone back home together. While raising two babies simultaneously poses its challenges, Casey is no stranger to the task. She shares, “With time, you establish a routine, and it all comes back to you once you’ve done it before.”

Now, the four-month-old girls have settled into their home with the loving assistance of their older brothers. Casey happily reports, “They are doing exceptionally well, surpassing all expectations. The boys absolutely adore them. Although they still won’t change diapers, they love to hold and feed them. It warms my heart to see this.” While raising two babies simultaneously presents its share of challenges, it is a familiar journey for Casey. She confidently states, “After a while, you fall into a routine, and it all comes back to you once you’ve experienced it before.”


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