25 World’s Most Dangerous Cities – Where Not to be a Tourist

Exploring different nations and cultures that are dissimilar to your own is advantageous. Going to unknown territories gives you a wider viewpoint and understanding of humanity. You think of your identity. It can be transformative. The world is continually evolving as well.

Some places also have a long-standing history of being insecure locations for travelers. Make sure to consult your nation’s travel guidance services before you venture out anywhere. Some regions may not have your government’s consulate, embassy or diplomatic aid if you require it.
Here are 25 of the world’s most hazardous areas that are not suitable for sightseeing at present.

1) Aswan, Egypt

Aswan, Egypt

Egypt, especially Cairo and the pyramids in the north, is a destination that is on many people’s wish-lists. Unfortunately, a few of the most visited tourist spots have become more dangerous for travelers. Political unrest and reports of attacks on foreigners, both male and female, have been reported. Aswan is the administrative center of the Aswan region located in the south.