Woman Welcomes ‘Miracle’ Baby After Years of Trying, Is Blessed With Quadruplets 2 Years Later

After years of attempting to conceive, a couple experienced a remarkable surprise when they joyfully welcomed their long-awaited baby girl.

Two years later, their hopes of expanding their family were answered in an unforeseen manner, leaving them utterly speechless.

Natalie Maree and her husband, Kahn, from Roebourne, Western Australia, exchanged vows in 2013 and immediately began their quest to have a baby. After two years had elapsed with no success, they sought medical advice. To their astonishment, they received the distressing news that Natalie had an ovulation condition known as unexplained infertility. However, undeterred by the unexpected diagnosis, the couple remained determined to keep trying, refusing to let their spirits be dampened.

Finally, in May 2018, their prayers were answered as they were blessed with their firstborn, an adorable baby girl named Kiara, affectionately called “Kiki” by her elated parents. Natalie and Kahn were overjoyed to embrace parenthood and referred to their daughter as their “little miracle.”

While the Roebourne parents were ecstatic about their little princess, they knew they desired to expand their family further. Shortly thereafter, they began attempting to conceive another baby. Last year, with the assistance of hormone injections to stimulate ovulation, Natalie successfully became pregnant again. However, the complete surprise was yet to be unveiled.

Once the initial shock subsided and excitement took hold, Natalie and Kahn eagerly anticipated the arrival of their bundles of joy. During Natalie’s seventh-week prenatal check-up, the doctor revealed that she had a good chance of carrying more than one baby in her womb this time. During the ultrasound examination, Natalie caught sight of the faint shadows of two embryos on the screen, prompting her to exclaim, “Twins!” However, the doctor promptly corrected her, indicating with a shake of his head that it should be “triplets.” But then he raised four fingers silently, indicating that it should be “quadruplets.”

On July 21, 2020, at 34 weeks of pregnancy, Natalie gave birth to her quadruplets via C-section and embraced motherhood wholeheartedly. The Australian couple became parents to a boy and three girls—Maioha Kahn, weighing 2.3 kg, Frankie Gene, weighing 1.92 kg, Marley Rose, weighing 2.2 kg, and Madison Grace, weighing 2.1 kg.

As expected, Kiki was thrilled to have not just one but four siblings to adore and play with. The proud mother shared that her infants were perfectly healthy but required some assistance with breathing, so they spent four weeks under careful observation before they could finally go home.

Despite their hands being full, Natalie was grateful for being blessed with four additional miracles. She expressed, “We’re exhausted but blissfully happy.”

Since becoming a mother of five, Natalie has been documenting her journey on her Instagram account, “Kiki and the Quads.” From glimpses into her family’s daily routine to the physical and emotional changes she has undergone, she often shares candid accounts from her personal life.

In a few posts, the Australian mother revealed what it was like to care for four newborns and a toddler and how challenging it could be to give all her children the attention and love they needed.

Additionally, she shared the daily struggles of taking care of four babies simultaneously. She pointed out that it takes an average of one and a half hours to breastfeed them all. After the babies fall asleep, she and her husband have to begin planning the next breastfeeding session. “Everyone knows that taking care of a 2-year-old daughter and living with four newborns is undoubtedly hard, and the feeling of exhaustion is even more intense,” she said.

However, she is grateful for the help from relatives and friends. “We have a huge network of family and friends who assist us every day. Without them, we would be 100% overwhelmed,” she added.


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