Nigerian Mum Celebrates Her Handsome And Healthy Son Who She Gave Birth To Premature At 6 Months


A Nigerian mum, Ndubueze Melody, has taken to her social media handle to celebrate her son, Amazing, whom she welcomed when she was six months pregnant with him.

Baby Amazing Nikechukwu Evra

Sharing photos of his amazing transformation despite being born prematurely, Melody chronicled Amazing’s journey from birth, his time in the ɪɴᴄᴜʙᴀᴛᴏʀ, and his growth up until today, as he turns three. The excited Nigerian mum wrote:

A Nigerian mum, Ndubueze Melody and her baby


We named u Amazing Nikechukwu Evra bcos of the mystery sorrounded with ur birth.

You horriedly came out frm d womb a day to ur 7th month….yes u heard me right(approximately last day of ur 6thmonth).

Oxygen and every other equiments where set to aid ur survival as u where so tender and immature to survive and u where quickly transferred to the ‘baby unit” it became a big shock.

The unit seems like a space-age control room – very hot, with lots of flashing lights, beeping monitors and other mystifying pieces of equipment. Among all these are the incubators,

A Nigerian mum, Ndubueze Melody and her baby

My tiny baby was at the centre of a tangle of tubes, surrounded by equipment inside the incubator(i and ur daddy where separated 4rm u and can only see u through the glass of the room window.. (this was to avoid him contracting infection 4rm outside the world) oh how sad it feels only to be apart 4rm ur long awaited miracle.

My tears, my sadness, my heart jumping out of my chest for months it was so distressful but God, hubby,my pastor and members,my parents, siblings, in-laws, and very few bossom frnds where they althru and made me hv hope again.

my Son inside the incubator was looking quite different to what i had imagined. (Newborn babies never look like the bouncing bundles that you see in the nappy adverts, but a baby born prematurely will be at an earlier stage of development, and so may look quite different to what you might expected) he had a very red skin,his eyes hasnt sprought out yet, very trace noise and undeveloped mouth, so he fed(from extracted breast milk 4rm my breast through a tube fixed 4rm his mouth down to his stomach for 3months consecutively, wit 2 times blood tansfusions and lots of injections through the canular monuted on his forehead for mounths and God saw us through an we came out miraculously.

Today is my Son’s 3 yrs and i and ur daddy , aunties and uncles are giving all we hv to u Son…and pray u wil live a fulfilled life of sweetness.

Ur word of prays wil impact in his life positively.

Hbd our miraculous son..”


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