Close friendship: Exciting footage reveals a dog’s emotional bond with a newborn baby that’s captured the hearts of millions

A touching movie showcases a remarkable bond that developed when a charming dog immediately warmed up to his human sibling, who was just a baby. According to Whitney Parks, a 37-year-old resident of Boston, Hinckley, her one-year-old Golden Retriever, was accidentally assumed to be Theodore, the baby due to arrive in October 2020, and was brought home as a new plaything for him.

As soon as Theodore arrived, Hinckley became his loyal companion. The one-year-old Golden Retriever took to napping, snuggling, and sharing meals with Theodore, knowing that he was there to stay. The two have formed an inseparable bond that is heartwarming to witness.

According to Whitney, a 37-year-old, Hinckley, who had always been the one in the spotlight, presumed that Theodore was a new toy for him to play with when he was brought home. Whitney shared a picture of Theodore with his father, Rob, and Hinckley. Whitney also revealed that during the first few nights after Theodore’s arrival, Hinckley would keep an eye on him while he slept.

According to Whitney, who is a communications professional, Hinckley seems to be interested in every activity that Theodore engages in, proving that dogs truly are loyal companions. Whitney shared that when they first brought Theodore home, Hinckley thought that they had gotten him a new toy just for him. She added that she could empathize with Hinckley since he had been the center of their attention for a long time.

During the initial few nights, Hinckley would keep a watchful eye on Teddy as he slept in his cradle. His amazement towards the little one knew no bounds, and he couldn’t help but observe every little move he made. However, as days went by, Hinckley realized that Teddy wasn’t just a temporary visitor, but a permanent addition to their family. From that point on, Hinckley became infatuated with Teddy and insisted on being present for all his activities. Whenever Teddy was practicing tummy time, Hinckley would join him and snuggle with him either on the couch or on the floor.

Whitney revealed that it took Hinckley a couple of days to understand that Theodore was here to stay. Additionally, Hinckley seems to have an obsession with Theodore and wants to be a part of everything related to him. There are photos of Hinckley with Baby Theodore as well.

According to Whitney, Hinckley and Theodore enjoy spending time together while lying on the couch or floor in a position known as “tummy time.” The duo is captured in a photograph. Whitney also mentioned that Hinckley accompanies her during feeding times, where Theodore is positioned on her left and Hinckley on her right, creating an opportunity for the three to bond and cuddle. On occasions when Theodore finishes his bottle, and Whitney is not vigilant, Hinckley will grab the burp towel and sneak away with it, which amuses Whitney. Whitney is delighted that Theodore will have Hinckley as his older brother to offer protection as he grows up.

While nursing, Whitney shared that her son Theodore usually snuggles up on her left side while her daughter Hinckley rests on her right. It’s a special time for the siblings to bond with each other. Whitney couldn’t help but chuckle when Hinckley took Theodore’s soiled burp cloth away. Seeing them together warms her heart as it’s clear that Hinckley is taking on the role of a protective big sister to her younger brother. Whitney can’t get enough of their adorable moments together. 

At the moment, Hinckley is uncertain about Teddy’s identity but understands his significance and the need to be watchful over him. The idea of Teddy and Hinckley bonding and embarking on endless journeys excites Whitney. She expresses her adoration for how Hinckley has taken on the responsibility of being a protective older brother towards his younger sibling, which warms her heart. A photo of the duo, Theodore and Hinckley, is included.

According to Whitney, Hinckley is still uncertain about the identity of Teddy, but he knows he needs to be vigilant around him. A photo of Hinckley and Teddy was included. Whitney eagerly anticipates the day when Teddy can interact more with Hinckley and they can embark on adventures together. A snapshot of Hinckley and Baby Theodore was also shared.


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