Perfectly Timed Sports Photos That Capture the Action

Sports photographers will often turn to digital single-lens reflex cameras due to the fact that they can snap many quick pictures. It takes a lot of skill, the right gear, and impeccable timing to acquire the ideal shot when it comes to sports photography. It is not uncommon to see photographers in weird positions just to get the ideal image, and it is generally accepted that this type of photography is one of the most difficult. Here are some of the most amazing sports moments that have ever been documented on camera.

1) Completely Relaxed

It looks effortless when professional athletes perform their sport, however, it is rare to witness them yawning. It is practically unheard of to yawn while pole vaulting 12 feet. This athlete must have been working too hard the day before and not getting adequate rest, because when she became aware of the far distance she was about to plunge, she was wide awake.

Completely Relaxed

Despite her talent in pole vaulting, this winner was photographed yawning as she leapt 12 feet into the sky. This photograph is not only extraordinary, but it is also incredibly remarkable.