These Animals Were Against Having Their Photos Taken

Working as a wildlife photographer can be rewarding and fulfilling. It allows you to appreciate nature while taking pictures of incredible animals. Some animals seem to relish the opportunity to be in front of the camera, ready for their moment in the spotlight. Others prefer to stay out of sight and if that isn’t possible, will take steps to ensure the photographer doesn’t catch their image. These are some of the best images of animals that weren’t bothered by the photographer’s presence and took action to prevent them from getting the shot. The results were often amusing as they blocked the lens.

1. What Are You Doing?

What Are You Doing?

Until the cheetah appeared, the photographer was on track with his endeavor. He had to remain motionless, peering through his lens. This cute feline could quickly transform into a full-fledged wildcat at any time. As long as he stayed in his spot, he was safe.

The photographer was afraid the cheetah could be tempted to look at him due to its inquisitive nature. Would the person be searching for more of the same species? The cat’s inquisitiveness would not be its downfall, that was for sure.

A Camera Built For Two

A Camera Built For Two

The fox was inquisitive when it saw the photographer studying some of his pictures. Have you ever endeavored to photograph a fox? If they somehow managed to be clicked, they are really particular animals! You can’t be certain. He was resolved to look his best as we think he was the focal point of the snaps. Even though he might be attracted by treats, this creature was ready to snatch the camera and run away if the result was not satisfying.